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Ariana Rubin, recipient of a Recognition Merit Scholarship, currently studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in photography.  Rubin's work focuses on female identity, the body, the self, and the female gaze.  Recently, she has explored how the relationship between the physical and the mental is affected by certain eating habits.  Vulnerability is a recurring theme in her work that plays with the psychology of being exposed by the camera.  Through self portraiture, she explores the power the camera has over a subject and how to challenge that power.  Rubin has multiple photographs featured on Vogue Italia's online photography platform PhotoVogue.  She has also worked at various companies such as BCV Social in Chicago, and Natalie Sinisgalli Photography in Rochester, NY as a photography intern and assistant.

For more information, please contact Ariana here.



(upcoming) Spring Undergraduate Exhibition, SAIC Galleries, Chicago




(upcoming) SAIC Students On View, Chicago

Approaching Time, Hairpin Art Center, Chicago

Voices Embodied Project: Convergence, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Wellness Center, Chicago

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